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Cork Yoga Mat - Amir Jaan



Our Cork Yoga Mat is created with natural, eco-friendly & high-quality cork specifically designed for yoga, to inspire your daily yoga practice & get you back in touch with nature. Being good to you & the planet.

Our cork yoga mat is manufactured from a non-slip cork surface, with 4mm thickness including a firm, cushiony, sustainable & biodegradable natural tree rubber base.

Amir Jaan is one of the undisputed masters of Kundalini Yoga’s young generation. He is now Senior Mentor for hundreds of students. He has taught for more than fifteen years across all four corners of the globe. Amir's broad knowledge and experience make him a powerful teacher, able to assist anyone and everyone in their yoga practice.  

Length: 72" Width: 24" Thickness: 4mm Weight: 4.8 lbs.

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