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What We Do

At The Asanas, we create innovative yoga products with all-natural, eco-friendly & sustainable cork - A pure blend of functionality, natural elements, and beautiful design, that you won’t want to hide away when your friends come over.

Our natural yoga products are designed to elevate your yoga practice with naturally beautiful elements that turn your yoga space into a place you truly enjoy, bringing for moments of inspiration and deep relaxation.

Ecofriendly sustainable activewear recycled regenerated plastic waste econyl

 Why We Do It

More than deliver excellent products, we truly feel that making eco-friendly choices & bringing nature into our yoga practice, we support the earth as well as getting the opportunity to feel grounded, calm & connected every day.  

With all the amazing benefits of yoga, we know that when we invest in yoga, we invest in ourselves. 

Cultivating self-love, awareness & yoga in our lives creates healthy & mindful habits which often leads to more energy to invest in our family, our friends, our career, and our community. 

To us, nothing is more powerful than a woman who is strong in her body and mind, which is why our hope is always the same: help women take care of themselves, so they can take on the world.

cork yoga mat

Who We Are

Founded by health care professionals, Monika and Dan, The Asanas was born out of a desire to combine our passion for optimal movement, mindful moments & a sustainable lifestyle. 

Frustrated by the lack of options for all-natural, toxic free yoga products, we explored the amazing benefits of natural cork & it’s compatibility with yoga, and the result: A pure blend of functionality, natural elements, and beautiful design for eco-conscious and natural living.

The focus behind everything at The Asanas is to create content and products that inspire your daily yoga practice with the highest quality materials that have your back from Cat-Cow to Shavasana!

You might just fall in love at first sun salutation with our Cork Collection. Bring Nature Into Your Yoga Practice Here.