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Carrying Strap For Cork Yoga Mat


Take your Cork Yoga Mat anywhere. We’ve made it easy with the Mat Carrying Strap. It also doubles up as a stretch strap. Two functions in one!

Length: 183 cm x Width: 4cm

100% Cotton & Metal D – rings

The Cork Yoga Mat Carrying Strap simply makes your life easier every time you want to bring your yoga mat with you.

We love bringing our Cork Yoga Mat with us wherever we go and having it flop all over the place is not our kind of vibe 😜

We have, therefore, made sure it has two metal D-rings, one on either side, that makes it easy to fasten and loosen around your yoga mat, ensuring it sits snugly in the strap and doesn’t slip out.


Our favorite place to roll out our Cork Yoga Mat is in beautiful nature. Where will you bring your yoga mat?


Lets be honest, the last thing you need in downward facing down is your hands and feet slipping all over the place. The all grip- no slip cork surface acts like a high-performance sports towel, gripping with moisture, thanks to the wax Suberin contained within cork. Basically, the more you sweat, the better the grip.

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