8 Top Benefits of a Cork Yoga Mat

If you are wondering if you should buy a cork yoga mat, you’re in the right place. 

Here is the list of top 8 benefits of a cork yoga mat: 


The biggest reason why so many yoga practitioners are making the switch to a cork yoga mat is its natural eco-friendliness. Hand in hand with yoga philosophy goes a mindful lifestyle. Choosing a natural surface to practice yoga on, isn’t just good for you, its a huge win for the environment.

why buy cork yoga mat
Cork is a natural and raw material. It is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.

Did you know that cork is actually the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree? Cork trees are the only tree in the world that regenerates stripped bark. The tree is not cut down & it regenerates new bark for more awesome yoga mats.

The Cork Yoga Mat revitalizes the classic yoga equipment made with harmful ingredients by changing it for natural & eco-friendly cork, which also happens to be incredibly naturally beautiful too. Being good for the planet & good for you.



For those who have slipped and slid their way through their fair share of yoga classes, know just how crucial it is for their yoga gear to support them like a loyal, non-slip friend.

Cork yoga mats have the ideal amount of grip to let you focus on enjoying your practice. 

Cork yoga mats are particularity great for hot yoga as the combination of the natural wax called Suberin contained within the cork and its open cell structure gives a superior grip that gets better with moisture and sweat. 

Sweat activates the grip, increases traction and the open cell structure transports away excess sweat preventing sweat from pooling on your mat, that can cause slipping. There is no need for the mushed up towel any longer.

This unique benefit is due to the waxy substance Suberin, naturally found in the cork. It functions similarly to wax on a surfboard - preventing you from losing your grip, even in the sweatiest condition.  

For the lucky ones blessed without sweaty and clammy hands, you can easily increase your grip by simply spraying a little water on the areas of the cork yoga mat where your hands and feet go before you step onto the mat. We´ve made a cork yoga mat grip guide here.



So you’ve sweated all over your cork yoga mat and your wondering if it will stink, how to clean it and how easy it is to maintain. 

Cork is naturally anti-bacterial. In a recent study, it was shown that bacteria was reduced with almost 100% (96.93%) after being on cork for 90 minutes. 

This makes the cork yoga mat hygienic and it avoids bad smells.

It is very easy to clean, and you can use an all-natural cleaner that you can make in your own kitchen. Here is the recipe. You no longer need to use harsh chemical sprays, particularity, not on your natural cork surface. 



A pure and natural surface against your skin feels amazing compared to a chemically heavy and toxic PVC mat. The cork surface is surprisingly smooth to the touch and gives you a feeling of touching the earth. 



Natural, elegant and simplistic. The ideal for the minimalist. It blends well with any interior and the natural bring serenity to your yoga space

It's so cute that you won’t want to hide away when your friends come over.



When you’ve found your perfect mat, you’d like to keep it for as long as possible. As the cоrk уоgа mаt is a naturally durable material of the bark of the tree, it has a very lоng lifе. 

It is resilient and ready to join your yoga sessions over years and years. 

If you’ve had it for years, you can revitalize its look and feel by аnd by sanding.



The cork yoga mat is backed with an all-natural tree rubber base that makes sure it sticks to the floor. The materials feel sturdy and luxurious and are a little heavier than PVC and foam, creating an ideal base that does not bunch up at the edges or as you move around on your mat. 



Did you know that cork has a сеllulаr structure with milliоnѕ of cells that all hold little bubbles of air? This structure together with the open-celled natural tree rubber creates an ideal cushion that is both comfortable and gives a soft feeling for your hands and fееt.

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