How To Find Your Soul Mat(e)

Looking For The Ideal Yoga Mat? Go Ahead. Be Choosy.

It’s ok, we know you want the good stuff! Why settle for anything less?
Choosing a yoga mat can be difficult. Whether you have tired out your old one, or you are brand new to yoga and you are looking to find your soul mat(e), choosing the ideal yoga mat to fit your needs, is key.
cork yoga mat for hot yoga
When choosing the right yoga mat for you, it's important to look at some key attributes that your yoga mat needs to have. For a yoga mat to be of optimal performance, the first thing to look for is
 if it provides great grip and traction to avoid any slipping during your yoga practice.

Secondly, it needs to provide sufficient cushioning for those hard-working joints. Depending on the type of yoga you prefer, you might want a different thickness. For a relaxing yin class or if your joints are sore and achy, you might prefer a thicker mat, than if you're doing Vinyasa style practices, Ashtanga or Bikram/hot yoga. Often a  yoga mat between the range of 3-5mm can cater to the various needs of your practice. 
cork yoga mat for hot yoga
The cushioning factors of a yoga mat can be made from several different materials. Unfortunately, yoga mats are most often made from plastic, foams or PVC. 

One of the biggest issues with yoga mat production is the usage of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and phthalates (an acidic plasticizer that is used to increase flexibility).  PVC leaves a heavy footprint on the planet.  The manufacturing of PVC releases harmful dioxins (chemical pollutants) directly into our air and water.  
Therefore, we believe that is important to look for yoga mats made with high-quality, natural material, such as natural rubber from rubber trees, organic cotton or jute. These natural materials can be built to last years and decades. Not only will this spare you for any unnecessary or downright harmful chemicals on your skin, but natural materials are also fully biodegradable, recyclable and renewable sources, supporting our beautiful planet. 
cork yoga mat uk canada australiaThese days sustainable fashion is not a trend - luckily it's the new normal. Choosing natural materials is not only amazing for the planet, choosing a sustainable and natural yoga mat, lets you incorporate that calm & nurturing feeling nature gives you, into your yoga daily practice, encouraging you to naturally feel good, grounded and calm.
cork yoga mat for hot yoga

When we were looking to buy our first yoga mat, we struggled to find a mat that incorporated all of these essential qualities. It was hard to find a yoga mat that ticked all the boxes. Additionally, we wanted a mat that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 
After a ton of research, testing various materials and reading up on the environmental impact of the traditionally made plastic or foam yoga mats, we finally found the perfect material; Cork!

Being all-natural, eco-friendly & super grippy, cork is a uniquely versatile material and an ideal surface for practicing yoga. Providing a superiorly grippy surface and surprisingly oh-so-smooth to the touch, this natural material was quickly making its way into our yoga sessions. 

From this emerged the Cork Yoga Mat - Made by nature - Designed for yoga. 
cork yoga mat eco yoga mat
The natural rubber underside, made exclusively from natural rubber trees, makes the mat lay flat & stay put on the surface, creating a stable base for your practice and a nice cushion for those hardworking joints. 
And lucky for those sensitive noses, natural rubber smells nothing like synthetic materials! Is vertically scent free, which counts for a lot when you're face down on your mat 😜
Let’s be honest, the last thing you need during downward facing dog is your hands and feet slipping all over the place. The all grip-no slip cork surface acts as a high-performance sports towel, gripping with moisture.

Basically, the more you sweat, the better the grip. The Cork Yoga Mat also absorbs moistures to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the practice, without having to get out of the flow & wipe it down. No towel needed!
cork yoga mat eco friendly mat
So, all in all, we believe that if you're looking for a yoga mat that incorporates all these qualities, where doing good meets looking good – it 's The Cork Yoga Mat – Eco-friendly, excellent grip, naturally beautiful & it actually does grow on trees!
Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak Tree. But don’t worry, the trees are not cut down in the cork harvesting process, instead, the Cork Oak Tree regenerates new bark, for more awesome yoga mats.
cork yoga mat uk
The Asanas all-natural Cork Yoga Mat is created for you to move, naturally.
Bring nature into your yoga practice
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Bring Nature Into Your Yoga Practice

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