Grip Tip

You deserve high-quality yoga gear that has your back from Cat-Cow to Savasana! 🙌🏽

If you’ve sweated through your fair share of yoga classes, you know just how crucial it is for your yoga gear to support you like a loyal, non-slip friend. 

Well, it's finally time to bring the sweat and lose the towel with the cork yoga mat´s adaptive grip. The open cell structure gives a superior grip that gets better with moisture and sweat

cork yoga mat grippy

Here are our top tips for optimizing your grip!

  1. Moisture for best grip!
    Sweat and moisture activate the grip on cork, so make sure your hands are slightly moist before starting your yoga practice. If you don´t have clammy hands(lucky you:p), lightly spray some water where your hands and feet go to activate the amazing benefit of the waxy substance Suberin, naturally found in the cork.

    It functions similarly to wax on a surfboard - it activated when wet and prevents you from losing your grip, even in the sweatiest conditions.

  2. Avoid Lotions & Oils
    Drop the lotions and oils before practice. Lotion and oil coat the cork surface and can make it feel more slippery! So make sure you don't bring this on your new non-slip friend. (If you do by mistake, take a look at Our natural cork yoga mat cleanser here).

  3. Body Alignment
    As a beginner to yoga, most people find that they slip more. As we progress and learn how to properly distribute our weight with proper body alignment in our yoga practice, we slip less.

    As our balancing and grounding abilities improve, our feet and hands are more firmly planted on the yoga mat. Even with sweat and lots of movement, the body is more familiar with where to apply pressure, body weight and body alignment, creating better stability.

    If you have the opportunity for a yoga teacher to look at the poses where you feel yourself slipping, this is of great value, as they might suggest some small changes to your body alignment to help ground yourself to the mat. 

  4. Clean, lean, non-slip machine!
    Last and not least; keep your mat clean and fresh. Dirt and sweat can sometimes coat the surface of the mat, layering on top of the grippy cork, so giving your mat a clean is key to maintaining its grippy surface.

    Cork is inherently antimicrobial, but you still have to do your part to keep those oils from building up on your mat.

    Our DIY natural cork yoga mat cleaner is excellent for keeping your cork yoga mat neat and fresh, ready for any yoga adventure. Best of all, you can make it in your own kitchen! Click here for the recipe!

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